Ingrown Toenail Cleaning and Cure


This course includes 4 lessons that can save you time, money, stress and cure your sore, ingrown, impacted, or pincer nails. Free Download of Printable Instructions Free DownloadPedicure Guide Ebook

1. Tools, Techniques Timing 32 min

Course Description:
In this lesson of the course, you will learn what each tool is, how to use it, when to use it, and how to avoid injury.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understanding terms used for marketing such as a medical pedicure.   
  2. Understanding glove use.
  3. Identify and understand the use of each tool.
  4. Learn how to use to tool appropriately to avoid injury.
  5. Learn the order to perform the steps of each pedicure type to accomplish within the given timeframe.
  6. Learn how to categorize each pedicure and price based on time.

2. Regular Pedicure Procedures: 37 minutes

Course Description:
The purpose of the Pedicure course is to teach you on how to trim, shape, file, clean around the nail, and buff the nail plate. To use proper physics and hand position of stainless steel implements to prevent injury. To learn cleaning and preventative practices to restore your toenails at home.

Course Objectives:

1. Learn all aspects of using the stainless steel tools and implements.

2. Practice proper techniques in order to clean, shape and beautify the toenails. 

3. Remove buildup from the bottom of the foot to prevent callous build-up and ensure comfort.

4. Complete all pedicure skills and procedures in the most effective and efficient way to save valuable time.

5. Learn how to care for your feet or the feet of a family member who cannot be taken to a salon for care.

3. Ingrown Toenail Cleaning 32 minutes

Course Description: The purpose of the ingrown toenail cleaning course is to teach you how to identify and cure the discomfort you have in your toenails. I use easy to understand terminology and provide clear easy to follow instructions. Explain the difference between an ingrown toenail and an impacted toenail. Learn proper physics and hand position to prevent future injury to the area.

Course Objective: 

  1. Utilize the pedicure tools at home safely to relieve toenail pain.
  2. Learn how to clean around an impacted or ingrown toenail to resolve and prevent future problems.
  3. Understand when you should see a doctor.


4. Nail Polish Techniques 1 hour 18 minutes

Course Description: In this bonus lesson I teach you all the aspects you had no idea applied to polishing nails. All the aspects come together and create a finished result that lasts for months and dries quickly. You will become a pro at polishing nails using the techniques you learn in this lesson.

Course Objectives: 1. Alignment 2. Balance 3. Direction 4. Pressure 5. Angle 6. Speed 7. Thickness 8. Amount 9. Bristle span 10. Transference

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