Ingrown Toenail, Pedicure Step-by-Step, Electric File Course


Finally, a conservative at-home alternative method to save you from needing ingrown toenail surgery or ingrown toenail removal. Learn step-by-step by pedicure expert, Lori Halloway, known as the Meticulous Manicurist on YouTube, because you and your family deserve excellent pedicure care too.


Course Objectives: After completing this module you will be able to

  1. Perform the movements necessary to remove the excess cuticle from the nail plate
  2. Reduce the thickness of fungal toenails
  3. Remove excess acrylic from the nail
  4. Remove the file lines from acrylic nails
  5. Shorten acrylic nails
  6. Shape an acrylic nail
  7. Refine the tip of an acrylic nail
  8. Remove gel polish from the nail
  9. Choose the appropriate bit for each service
  10. Identify the different types of bits
  11. Identify the different material of bits and their uses
  12. Define torque, rpm, and tolerance
  13. Operate in forward and reverse
  14. Clean and store the bits properly after each use
  15. Use appropriate pressure when using the electric file
  16. Prevent heat buildup on the nail
  17. How to balance and use the handpiece to prevent receptive use injuries


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