At-Home Pedicure Training

For Caregivers

The founder of Meticulous Manicurist Nail Academy, Lori Halloway, is a renowned educator in the beauty industry whose pioneering education has made a global impact. Her educational content, which began on YouTube with Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials channel with nearly 1 million subscribers, is now practiced by professional nail technicians in 14 countries, transforming nail situations into positive client outcomes. The Specialty Toenail and Restoration Nail Technician (STAR NT) program, focusing on care and restoration, emphasizes the importance of comprehensive foot care within the beauty industry.

You and your loved ones need premium nail care too! 

Earning the HABIA endorsement is not just an accolade; it signifies unparalleled excellence and professionalism in the beauty industry. The prestigious HABIA logo represents the highest standards of quality and integrity. Meticulous Manicurist Nail Academy’s achievement of this endorsement reflects a profound commitment to delivering exceptional educational programs. It also acknowledges the outstanding quality of education provided by Lori Halloway. 



By The Meticulous Manicurist

Learn Proven Techniques

to heal and resolve ingrown toenails, pincer nails, and impacted and painful toenails. Because you are a compassionate soul who wants to provide nail care service to your loved ones. You, as their designated caregiver, MUST know the proper way to handle nail problems. Yes, they deserve the best nail care service too.

The Staggering Truth:

More people have uncomfortable toenail problems such as

  • Blisters from runner’s toes
  • Impacted toenails
  • Ingrown(s) and pincer nails
  • Calloused feet
  • Cuticle skin
  • Nail Fungus

Many people have them, and they want to live a pain-free life so they can function normally, but they are embarrassed or can’t get to a salon to entrust their nails to just any random nail technician.

You can learn to...

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Offering two different courses to fit your needs

Pedicure, Ingrown, Electric File Toenail Cleaning at Home Course

$ 418
  • Pedicure Steps & Procedures
  • Ingrown & Impacted Toenail Cleaning
  • How to use the Electric File for Pedicures
  • BONUS Nail Polish Techniques

Pedicure and Ingrown Toenail
Cleaning Course

$ 319
  • Pedicure Steps & Procedures
  • Ingrown & Impacted Toenail Cleaning
  • BONUS Nail Polish Techniques

Step-by-Step Training

At Home Nail Care

Learn the ins & outs of nail care to take better care of your elderly parents or family members. You will find the training you need for safe care here.

Premium Material

Proven techniques developed over 30 years to heal and resolve ingrown toenail, pincer nails, impacted, or painful toenails.


Learn how to use all the same tools used by nail technicians in the safety of your own home.

Easy to Follow Video Tutorials

Visual content to further digest information and get an actual view on how to perform pedicure techniques.

The Meticulous Manicurist

Lori Halloway

An expert nail technician, proud salon owner, inventor, author, creator, entrepreneur, and dubbed as the tech with the  “healing hands” by my loyal clients. I am also the voice you hear on YouTube where my channel is the #1 provider of pedicure tutorials on the internet with over 890k subscribers.

Meticulous Manicurist Nail Academy proudly announces its esteemed endorsement from the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA) after a thorough evaluation. This recognition highlights the Academy’s dedication to excellence in nail and pedicure education and establishes it as a global leader in the beauty industry.  April 2024

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