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Learn The Most Premium Way Of Providing Nail Care Service

Become The Most 


Nail Technician

In Your Community

Have A Thriving 6-figure Business This Year And Beyond!
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How To become a highly sought after nail technician


In this detailed 22-hour step-by-step online pedicure training, I will take you by the hand as I teach you:

  • The essentials in a thriving nail care business.
  • The ethical, state board-compliant, and pleasant way of doing nail care procedures, so you can have a steady list of clients who seek only YOU and nobody else when it comes to their nail care.

You’ll get access to lessons such as:

  • Proper client consultation procedure.
  • Tools and workspace preparation.
  • Actual demos of safe specialty foot care.
  • Business strategies to level up your nail care business ASAP.

After taking this program, you will have:

  • Advanced nail care skills
  • Unshakeable confidence to offer your premium service to clients who need YOUR help the most.





What's Included





What's Included

The Global Meticulous Manicurist — 

Pedicure Certification Course

  • 17 Essential Modules of real-life nail technician lessons from the expert (US$ 5,000.)
  • Worksheets, Spreadsheets, Inventory Form (US$ 500.)
  • Certified Membership in The Global Meticulous Manicurist Network (US$ 500.)
  • Lifetime access to the 21-hour instructional videos

The value of this online nail training course is US$6000.00

But you definitely won’t have to pay that much in this program.

I guarantee that wherever you are in your nail technician journey, whether:

  • You’re an aspiring nail technician but without a clue where or how to start this lucrative career.
  • You’re a current student of a nail school aiming to be licensed in the USA.
  • A seasoned nail technician on the brink of a burnout because of so many factors, and now you’re curious as to how I do my 6-figure nail tech business  without the stress.
  • You want to start a nail salon business, and you need to learn all the guidelines for operations from an expert who’s been in the business for almost 3 decades,  so you can avoid costly trial-and-error.

You can greatly benefit from this program.

The good news is: You can easily have ROI (return on investment) in a month or by having 10 clients (or less, if you count your handsome tips!)😉

If all this program did was equip you with high-level skills to alleviate clients’ pain due to problem toenails, wouldn’t it be worth it?

If all this program revealed is how to endear you to clients and make them return to you over and over again for their nail care needs, wouldn’t it be worth it?

For a lifetime access to this program that can show you how to earn a  6-figure income sooner than any average nail tech in your area , isn’t that worth it?

I can guarantee 100%, if you just start this career correctly, you will achieve success much faster than I ever did.

I help people increase their capacity so they get to be the most sought after nail technician in the area.
But don’t take it from me:

The biggest misconception that most nail care technicians believe (that keeps them from positioning themselves as  an expert nail problem solver) is this:

❌"Basic manicures, artificial nail application, and fancy nail art are the ONLY procedures that they should focus on so they can have a steady client base." ❌

I can’t blame nail technicians for believing this myth. It’s what the nail schools have taught them all this time. So, it’s what most of them want to specialize in.


Don’t get me wrong. I respect the sheer talent that goes into nail art. In fact, the nail technicians in my salon are also capable of doing that.


But in the real world, only a tiny percentage of customers want long fancy-colored nails.


The staggering truth is, more people have uncomfortable toenail problems such as:

  • Blisters from runners toes
  • Impacted toenails
  • Ingrown(s) and pincer nails
  • Calloused feet
  • Cuticle skin
  • Nail Fungus


Many people have them, and they want to live a pain-free life so they can function normally.


But they are embarrassed or hesitant to entrust their nails to just any random nail technician.


They want a professional nail technician who:

☑️Knows how to handle these problematic toenails.

☑️Can provide utmost care and compassion.

☑️Can reverse their problem toenails with the least possible pain.


Which leads me to…

The 2nd biggest misconception that most nail care technicians believe:

✖️"Nail technicians can't do pedicure treatments on clients who have nail fungus, and ONLY medical nail techs, podiatrists or chiropodists can solve the patient's fungus problem."✖️

GUESS WHAT there is NO such thing as medical nail tech, in a salon, IN THE UNITED STATES.

No State Board of Cosmetology in the US recognizes the term medical nail technician

nail technician performs cosmetic services and should not mislead clients with terminologies that would insinuate you are giving  medical services.

As a summary:

☑️ No, we should never label ourselves as "medical nail technician".

☑️ Yes, nail technicians are can perform fungus and other bloodless nail procedures to resolve advanced toenail problems. (Clients don't need to go to Podiatrists for cosmetic toenail issues.)

So, don't limit yourselves to specializing ONLY in artificial nails and fancy nail art you could be ostracizing yourself from an entire group of people, meaning your community. The majority of people who get nail care do not get to these services.

From the get-go, be the one that solves a greater problem in the nail care market

Hello, I'm Lori Halloway

Your expert nail technician,  

mentor in


The Global Meticulous Manicurist 

Nail Academy,


proud salon owner, inventor, author, creator, entrepreneur, and dubbed as the tech with the  “healing hands” by my loyal clients.


Yes, I am also the voice you hear on YouTube. Where my channel is the number one provider of pedicure tutorials on the internet WITH over 660k subscribers: 

The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials

My course contains 22 hours of education you won’t find on my channel

Lori Halloway

I am also the inventor of the US-patented hand rest for nails to combat and relieve repetitive use injuries that prevent nail technicians from doing their job.


I also developed my own line of ergonomic pedicure tools and nail polish that’s free of harmful ingredients.


You see, nail care is not just a job for me. All of these achievements are the offspring of my passion for this profession.


You’d think that after performing over 30,000 pedicures, I’d be tired, decide to rest and bask in the passive income that comes as a reward of my years of hard work.


But there’s no stopping ME now, ‘coz I’m on a greater mission, beyond myself.

I want you to CONFIDENTLY be the go-to expert nail technician in your community who provides  a premium experience to clients,  

from the consultation all the way to the service delivery.


After performing over 30,000 pedicures in almost 3 decades, 

I know that  I AM THE EXPERT who can teach you best practices, both in achieving the best nail care service and handling your business.

3 Ways 

The Global Meticulous Manicurist Nail Academy

Can Level Up Your Nail Technician Business

Nail Care Service Blueprint

Detailed Advanced Pedicure Training

Elite Group Membership

Why I Created The Global Meticulous Manicurist - 

 Pedicure Certification Course

  • Because of my Youtube channel, I continue to have clients travel from different states, not minding the long hours of travel, so that I can handle their problem feet. Many times, I wished I could clone myself.  Having this course is the best way to duplicate myself many times over.  When this course produces high-level nail technicians from all over the world, more clients will receive premium nail care service worldwide.

  • I‘ve also had several salon owners reach out to me, asking if I can teach their nail technicians the exact methods that I implement in my salon in the hopes of growing and sustaining their business. 

  • Even the experienced nail technicians would message me that they have learned a lot more in my Youtube channel than in their nail school. If I can help them level up their career, I’ve done my job.

Many of my followers say that they have learned a lot from my

YouTube tutorial videos. 

But really, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

There’s more to this business than just performing nail care procedures.

I want to shatter the culture of competition, all forms of drama, and all low-class behavior that drive clients away.


Instead, I want all nail technicians to always take the high road, have the best demeanor that attracts premium clients and make them your most loyal patrons for years!


Really, knowing the best nail care procedure is just a fraction of the overall formula.


The Global Meticulous Manicurist–Pedicure Certification Course is composed of the wisdom I gained in almost 3 decades in the nail care business.


It is going to equip you with everything you need to know, from

  • Marketing and positioning yourself as an expert.
  • Conducting proper client consultation.
  • Proper client reception.
  • Premium nail care procedure.
  • Protecting your body to prevent injuries while doing service.
  • Relationship-building that will endear your clients to you.

In no time, YOU will be like me, with a long waitlist of clientsClients who want YOU (and only you) to handle their nail care needs.

What You'll Get In The

Global Meticulous Manicurist--

Pedicure Certification Course

Your client base is going to consist different needs but a large portion is going to a regular client pedicure.

Providing service to clients who have been hiding their feet for years will give you so much joy. I can’t tell you how many clients cry in my chair. They can’t believe they are looking at the same feet. You are going to give back the lost confidence to make people feet good about themselves again. 

Super Powers

I love seeing every set of nails that comes before me. The first thing I say to myself is, “This is going to be an amazing transformation.” I love deciding which tool I will use first and how to go about the transformation. I can’t wait for you to get that all over feeling of gratification after you restore the nails and give the client in your chair hope for the first time in years.

Conservative Care

Once and for all you are going to understand what the number one mistake people make when cleaning or cutting ingrown toenails. In all the years I have been resolving ingrown toenails for clients, they have never had another issue with their nail after their first visit with me. And I can’t wait to show you the magic!

Are you ready the learn the difference between massage and leg rub? Your clients will be hooked with the way you deliver the massage after this course. Are you ready to stand out from the competition? You will lead the way after completing this course.

The Art of Touch

Are you tired of blending in? This course is a complete top to bottom  system to train you to create beautiful symmetry. You will become the lead runner in your area and have clients traveling from hours to see you.

Motion in the Ocean

I will break down concepts into actionable steps to take your polish game to the top! You will save time and learn all the secrets to fast drying, long-lasting nail polish techniques.

Ready, Set, Go!

Repetitive use injuries are the number one reason nail technicians burn out from the industry. I want you make it past the 5-year burnout with no injuries. I use easy to understand productivity tips to give you a leg up and meet your goals as a career nail technician. 

Prevention Equals Preservation

Every great nail technician has great policies and procedures to support their hard work. This handbook has value beyond belief, especially for anyone hoping to own your own salon one day. 

The Office

Concrete ways to generate new business. Have you ever thought you might get too busy? It’s a thing, no it really is. I know you might not believe me right now but after you finish the course you are going to be excited to put my client building hacks into place. 

Scale Your Business

Not only do I teach you how to give the best pedicures in the world I even teach you all the important aspects of managing your income. Don’t let success swell your ego or you could be one paycheck away from owing big time taxes. But don’t worry I’ve got your back.

Not Your Traditional Pedicure Course

Want to grow your personal brand, this course was made with entrepreneurs in mind. I’ve prepared a play list that will help you land the perfect client. 

Scripts and Play Lists

Excited about the opportunity to grow your business like a rock star? I’m going to sweeten the bottom line even more by giving you the skills to make even more money by providing retail products to your clients. 

Over and Under





What's Included





What's Included

This Program Is For You If:

A little bit about me...

Lori sitting at pedicure tub

Salon owner, author, inventor, patent holder, YouTube creator of The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials, Lori Halloway, that’s me :), I aim to help people worldwide resolve their toenail troubles. And to do that I need to grow my network with people who are as passionate about the industry as I am. As a licensed nail technician with over 27 years of experience, I am the pedicure expert to depend on for all your foot care needs. I have given over 30K pedicures and see people from all over the United States to reverse their toenail troubles. 

I was very poor back in college. Good thing, I have always been an academic achiever, and a  go-getter, and I paid for my own college tuition.

Needless to say, having my nails done was a luxury. I envy my classmates who could afford to have their nails done on a weekly basis.  I had no choice but to do my nails myself.

Oh, I’m proud to say that I did it with excellence! My nails looked so good, so much so that I 

would get compliments, even from strangers.



One day, I ran into a woman at the mall who stopped me and asked where I got my fabulous nails done. I told her I did my own nails.  She was the one who encouraged me to go to nail school because I could make a lot more money doing nails (instead of being a bartender at Weber’s which was my actual job at that time).

Boy, that moment was pivotal, and that’s an understatement! 

I finished my Associate’s degree. And at that time, I was already making more money as a nail technician compared to any starting salary of any profession. 

I remember, I walked out of my Business Math class,  decided not to finish my Bachelor’s degree and just work.

To make the long (colorful and challenged-filled) story short, I saved enough money to build my first house in the first year of doing nails full time.

If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO—especially now that I’ve created my program which I could only wish I had before I began my career in the industry. 

In just a couple of short months and I am getting a reputation for helping people with problem feet..."

“Basic pedicure courses are a dime a dozen. But if you want to become a sought after problem feet pedicurist in your area, take The full Meticulous Manicurists course. It has helped me gain a great deal of knowledge to confidently change my clients lives. Short of a PHD, you won’t learn more than what is taught via Lori’s course. In just a couple of short months and I am getting a reputation for helping people with problem feet. It is rewarding beyond belief to see how happy and pain free they are when they leave. Lori’s marketing ideas have helped spread the word.. thank you so much Lori... I am in my element and love what I do.."
Lea McIntyre
Nail Technician

The marketing section in the course has allowed me to quickly obtain clients and repeat customers."

“The course has given me the confidence in handling issues with problem feet and performing a proper pedicure within the scope of my license. The marketing section in the course has allowed me to quickly obtain clients and repeat customers."
Jacquie Snb
Nail Technician

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens after I buy this course?

You will receive an email with your username, password, and instructions on how to login and begin your course.

I am an aspiring nail technician with zero education from any nail academy (both online or offline), will I learn even the most basic of pedicures?

Absolutely! You will learn a regular pedicure procedure and the training builds on that foundation to accommodate any client you meet.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Absolutely! You will learn a regular pedicure procedure and the training builds on that foundation to accommodate any client you meet.

Will you help me get my first client?

After you complete the course, I will add your information to my network map. When anyone asks me where to find a nail technician in their area I direct them to this map. People are looking for skilled, qualified, and certified nail technicians to meet their needs. They want to see someone who has been trained in all the techniques they see in my pedicure instructional videos. I can even make a post on my Facebook page of your accomplishment if you send me an email with your request.

How is the Global Meticulous Manicurist Course different from any other nail technician courses?

First of all, my step by step program is the most complete nail technician course on the internet today. Second, the modules in this program contain wisdom from real-life lessons and real situations. The video demos are cases of my real customers in my thriving salon. I am a nail expert not just because I learned from books while I was in the nail school, but because I have done 30,000 real-life pedicures and counting.

I already have years of experience as a nail technician. How will I benefit from this program?

This program will teach you all the skills and techniques you need to give specialized pedicures and expand your current pedicure menu to increase your yearly income. You will gain the expertise and confidence you need to grow a loyal returning client base.

How much time do I need to commit to this program?

You can complete the course at your own pace. That is one of the best aspects of online learning. You can reinforce your learning by reviewing courses and imprinting the easy-to-follow techniques and routines in your memory. The combined hours of this course are right around 21 hours. There is some additional time needed to complete a couple of homework assignments and the time to take the quizzes and tests is not included in the time. Some have completed it in a weekend, while others it takes more time. There is no rush.

Is there a refund policy?

Short answer, no. Our students leave the highest praise and we have never had an unhappy student. They willingly share their success stories. Even experienced nail technicians and foot care nurses say they learned more in than they have in their careers. The course has over-delivered on student expectations will give you the education to skyrocket your business. The content is proprietary and the quality & performance will guarantee satisfaction. By purchasing a course and kits you agree all purchases are final and no refunds will be processed.

Do I need to be a licensed nail technician to take this course?

In the USA, all nail technicians must be licensed prior to performing any procedure on a client. Therefore, you must complete your training with an accredited nail academy so you can be eligible to take the licensing test in your local state. *If you live outside the USA, you don’t need to be licensed prior to taking this online nail tech course, and straight away be eligible to perform manicure and pedicure to clients.


If you are licensed cosmetologist,  you are also licensed to do nail careYou can expand your service menu to offer your clients more options when they come to see you. Adding a pedicure appointment in a color processing time is a great way to increase your income.


Note: Always double-check the regulations that are set by your country or state prior to performing nail procedures.

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